Published in Pembroke Magazine Number Forty-Seven

“Milas did not fully believe in God, but his grandmother had been born with a veil, a wet, milky membrane strung between her and her first breath like a thin sheet of the afterlife hooded over her face. The women of the neighborhood, keeping their fingers on their crosses and their voices slung low, said it gave her the gift. She could see and talk to ghosts. And despite the edge to their whispers, they all came. The aunts and cousins. The church ladies. The neighborhood hens. They would all visit constantly, each and every one of them asking for messages. ”

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Moon Trees

Published in Prairie Schooner Spring 2014 Winner of the 2015 Glenna Luschei Prairie Schooner Award “Stute’s heels clipped my toes as he rocked back, half in and half out of the…
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The Plague

Published in Kenyon Review Online “When Cora caught the lawn guy smoking weed in the backyard instead of mowing, she wanted to say something cool, to ask for a drag…
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Everything Shining

Published in New Rivers Press American Fiction V. 13, 2014 Teenie leaned against the back door, shoulder to glass, and considered the fat, black water moccasin lazing on the slab outside.…
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The Revival

Published in [PANK] “They were in this sad little motel on the edge of Vidalia, and it stank of crack and weed and fried food, everything smothered in the smell.…
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am i doing enough?

Jason Howl runs the website Howlarium. The best way to describe the site is in Jason’s own words: “Each week I send a question about life, work, doubt, or expectations to a…
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new publication.

I am thrilled to have my short story “Shallowing” up at TriQuarterly. Read it here: Shallowing  Share this:SharePrintFacebookPinterestGoogleRedditTumblrEmailPocketTwitterLinkedInLike this:Like Loading...
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bodies and places.

Pretty Red Shoes: Poetry, Prose, Pedagogy, & Publishing asked me to contribute a micro-craft essay (500 words!) to their guest craft series. Read about my struggles with the concept of place…
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good news.

My short story “Moon Trees,” published in the Spring 2014 issue of Prairie Schooner, has been awarded the Glenna Luschei Prairie Schooner Award. And, my story “Pinched Magnolias,” recently published in issue 97 of…
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