other people’s words i have worn like skin.

I was recently encouraged to tell my story as a writer in the form of lists. I made quite a few lists. Some I deleted fairly quickly and others are hiding under my pillow until I can understand them myself. These two, though, were pure joy in the collecting.  Continue reading “other people’s words i have worn like skin.”

on comic books.

I don’t remember the first comic book I ever cracked or how old I was when my dad bought it for me. I don’t remember a time before comic books, actually. What I…
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at least say maybe.

There is this quiet little war rustling through the internet. The introverts vs the extroverts. There are memes and quizzes and snappy little articles everywhere I look, and while most…
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say something funny.

Somewhere between the advent of beepers and Facebook, email chain questionnaires were born. They were ugly things, devoid of html formatting or interesting content. Each one had more questions than…
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