am i doing enough?

Jason Howl runs the website Howlarium. The best way to describe the site is in Jason’s own words: “Each week I send a question about life, work, doubt, or expectations to a range of writers and readers of fiction.” He describes what he does as “interviewing a crowd” or “assembling a discussion,” and that makes Howlarium a really unique and wonderful stop for readers and writers. The topic changes week to week, and though I was honored when Jason contacted me and asked me to contribute, I was also a little afraid of this week’s question: Do writers feel environmental URGENCY enough?

That’s the short version. The longer one is even more intimidating.

Either way, it’s an important question, and at its heart is an even scarier set of questions: What is MY responsibility as an artist. What is yours? Am I doing enough?

It felt rife with potholes and argument. It felt like the kind of question I could lose friends over. It felt like the sort of question that deserved the most honest answer I could give.

Sixteen writers participated, and it is safe to say that we all approached this question from different spaces. Different mindsets. Different philosophies. I am honored to be a part of the discussion. Read all our answers here.


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